Nacre Dance Sunday Series Flyer


As part of Nacre Dance Company's continuing Sunday Series, in which dancers take audience members behind the scenes of the creative process of dance, artistic director Beth Fecteau will present excerpts from their upcoming show "Isadora Duncan - Revolutionary", a dance/theater piece that explores the turbulent life of "Revolutionary" dance icon Isadora Duncan. This unique opportunity offers the chance to observe the preservation of classic modern choreography by studying the works of the original artist, direct lineage, historical context and the celebration of the spirit of dance.

Visiting guest artists Cynthia Word and Ingrid Zimmer of Word Dance Theater will set the show's choreography on Nacre Dancers, who will then present a short program, led by Fecteau, who will discuss the means by which the works of early masters are passed down through generations. She'll demonstrate how those works are explored, re-interpreted and presented, all in keeping with the spirit of the original artist's vision.

"Revolutionary" was created and Produced by Word Dance Theater 2008; Script adapted from the writings of Isadora Duncan by Sarah Pleydell; Original restaging of dances for Word Dance Theater by Jeanne Bresciani. Now passed on to Nacre, the show will be performed in full in late summer 2015, dates and venues to be announced. The show, a mix of theater and dance performance will feature Diane Lachtrupp as Duncan, directed by Aaron Holbritter, and overseen by Nacre artistic director Beth Fecteau.