Nacre Dance In Concert (header) at The Spa Little Theater on March 7th at 7:30pm and March 8th at 2:30pm will celebrate Nacre's seventh season of dance! Nacre will present modern dance classics beginning with Isadora Duncan's 1910 "Bacchanal", Doris Humphrey's 1928 "Air for the G-String", excerpts from Jose Limon's "Choreographic Offerings" and traveling to "Rooms Etude" based on the work of Anna Sokolow.

In addition, this concert will premiere the work from the winning choreographer's from Nacre's "So, You Think You Can Choreograph?" Diane Lachtrupp and Jessie Sector. Nacre's Artistic Director Beth Fecteau will also showcase her new modern dance suite entitled "Johnny and The Four Seasons"

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